"PHELYX is one of the GREAT magical characters of our era. His humor and charm are timeless!" 
Jeff McBride
One of the TOP 10 magicians in the World


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"This is where it all began for me. I am a man who is doing precisely what I prescribed for myself when I was just 8 years old. I love it as much as I did when I was a child, and that was, uh hem... forty years ago.


My life's work is fueled by my love of an art form that allows me to employ my education and experience to educate and inspire! Imagination is a muscle that can atrophy and I feel a great responsibility to remind adults that imagination can be used to learn and to teach and to inspire and achieve.


The notes and letters I receive from people who have experienced my work certainly prove that I am accomplishing what I set out to, one audience at a time."






For event entertainment, you are seeking ultimate impact at a competitive rate. Additionally, you want high-level professionalism, experience, prestige, and the kind of reliability that disproves the artist/performer stereotypes.
That, my friend, is a tall order. However,


Professor Phelyx is an Internationally trusted resource. 


Professor Phelyx was the star and creator of a recent show called, Mysterium, An Evening of Enchantment which was produced by Foolish Mortal Productions. This live, interactive, theatrical event was shared with audiences five nights per week at the Historic and Legendary Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado from May through August of 2019.

Comedic mentalism is a funny and cerebral type of magic. It includes what appears to be mind-reading, impossibly-accurate predictions, and psychic metal-bending. 


Unique in his field, Professor Phelyx delivers much more than tricks. As an expert, his performances have a soothing quality that seems to comfortably erase the perception of passing time, all while causing his audiences to question everything they thought they knew. There is just something about his confident and sincere delivery that must be experienced to be understood. His charming, laugh-a-minute presentations will be the subject of lively discussions by your guests, long after the event; and most will remember the experience for their entire lifetimes.


These presentations can be customized to re-enforce your message and mission.


Professor Phelyx has many long-term clients like Coca-Cola.


Booking is easy, reliable, and quick.




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"Bravo, Phelyx! I have certainly never seen anything like that!"

Joe Ricketts

Founder TD Ameritrade


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