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of audience-favorite events and shows!

Now, you are within just a couple of emails of producing your dream event!

Your entertainment wishes require professional execution, precision, and artists who are undeniably amazing. That amazing part cannot be solely due to experience. The "IT" factor comes from an absolute love of the art.


After 40 years in entertainment, I have worked alongside the best in the business and I can now offer access to you!


From private parties and wedding receptions to full-scale theater shows I am delighted to proudly offer you my most valuable resources!

What's your fancy?

Having spent my life in entertainment

and working in places like Las Vegas,

one email to me can connect you to the top variety acts in the World.



Las Vegas Showgirls






Fire-Breathing Little People






Belly Dancers

Gender Illusionists (Drag)


I only book the top artists in the industry and you can bet your eye-teeth that they are highly professional and will leave your guests absolutely awestruck!


Simply fill out the contact form and rest assured that you have an insider track to producing the event of a lifetime. I will use my experience and resources to work with you to create your dream event.

At the end of an event like this, YOU WILL BE THE STAR!

photograph by CJ Nicolai Photography

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