Phelyx, here.
I created an act for which I wanted some cigars on stage with me. Immediately, I sought after wooden cigar props but discovered that they are no longer available, anywhere.

So, I made some.


Another performer inspected them and insisted that I craft some more.

I am pleased to offer these sculptures,   for a limited time.





Cigars and cigarettes
Solid wood carving.
Doesn't get much more real looking.
Details are important.
Custom Cigar Bands!
Movie quality.
They'll think they can see smoke!
Durable end-to-end
Customize every bit!
Fresh one.
Signed artwork.
Matching Pair? Sure!
Create a set!

These sculptures are carved from a single piece of pine and then painted. They are solid and, with reasonable care, they should last a lifetime. The only addition is exclusive to the cigars with a cigar band. The cigar bands are designed and printed on heavy card stock. They are then treated to make them water resistant and are finally applied to the sculpture.
If your piece is ever scuffed or suffers minor damage, they are GUARANTEED. You pay to ship and they will be touched up for FREE.

Film (offering absolutely reliable scene continuity)

Still Photography

Wax Museums

Museum Displays and dioramas

Stage productions

Tobacco Education (with no actual tobacco!)

Magic Props

Cosplay and Costume

Juggling Props (These can be weighted)


Crafted by hand for absolute reliability and durability. Although pairs or duplicates can be ordered and created, these are one-of-a-kind works of art.

Most will be made-to-order. They are absolutely customizable.

Comes with full shop/creator support and GUARANTEE.

Single piece (wood) construction.

Hyper-realistic both to the eye and in the hand!

Deceptively delicate appearance.

Water resistant. Fine if you stir your brandy with it, I suppose, but don't get too crazy.


Design your own unique effect!

Would you like to have a full set of deceiving smokes? Because these are made to order, you can describe exactly what you are after! You can provide measurements (as in the length of ash) and can even have a fully custom cigar band!

Just a few ideas:

A double-ended one that matches another "regular" cigar or cigarette? 

A series/set that has progressive "burned" ash ends? (you could display in reverse and end up with an "un-lit" one! (I would call this routine UNSMOKED)

Lengthwise "smoked"-or-not halves for paddle moves...

Pair with a variety of smoke mechanisms for added effects and gags.



Whilst holding one of the cigars, a magician asked if it was wrapped in a real tobacco leaf after it was carved. Nope. Just wood and paint, through and through. The cigars can/do have a cigar band, but this is the only additive. Elsewise, each is a single, carved piece of pine and some paint (albeit layered and blended to achieve the utmost realism in appearance).




There is a tiny, nearly imperceptible "signature" on each piece to designate that it is the real thing, carved by Professor Phelyx.



If your Phelyx-crafted smoke suffers damage (within reason) we'll just have you cover the shipping and Phelyx will personally touch it up for many more years of use. FREE!


I wish to express absolute respect for the renowned John Rogers who crafted the best wooden cigars prior to these. His website, www.woodencigars.com was closed in 2016 and his little artworks are no longer available. Mr. Rogers created many of them, but they are all SOLD OUT and in private collections and museums around the world.


These are hand-made and do take a little while, of course. I price them as generously as I can afford. With all of the options available for customizing, there will be variables, but I promise to be kind.



This is introductory pricing. The prices will be increased, commensurate with the rules of supply (in this case time) and demand. I do hereby promise to maintain fair pricing!

It is also important to note that I am a full-time performer and cannot craft these while on the road. (TSA already hates the items I travel with. I would never make a flight on time if I packed wood-carving tools!) I will give full scheduling and delivery estimate disclosure at the time of your custom order.


Essentially, we're talking in the range of $75 to $150 USD/ea. archival-quality sculpture. 

I will happily discount orders of multiple items. Shipping will be actual pricing and I insist on insured delivery.


Elements that will add to the final cost include, but are not limited to, weight-added, extra exterior protection for added durability (juggling props may require this), and any customization that requires more time in crafting. Still, I will be reasonable and kind.

This field is just an email introduction between us. Ask any questions you like, with ZERO obligation.

Thanks! Message sent.

Your privacy is important to me, too. I will not sell or give your information to any third party, ever.
IF YOUR IDEA IS A SECRET, I promise that I will not disclose information about what I learn from your idea and/or from our discussions. I have been a performing artist of the magical arts for four decades. If anyone is an expert keeper-of-secrets, I am at the top of that list.

Yes, I live in Colorado and, yes, I can make "joints", too.