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Magically modify conventional approach.


Professor Phelyx has been a career entertainer since 1981. His work and professionalism are Internationally praised and revered. He warmly affects both brain and heart with mind-science and magic to deliver empowerment and inspiration. His Keynote will install indelible positive-growth effects and memories-turned-legend that will be retold throughout the lifetimes of his audiences.


Increase sales

Broaden brand awareness

Increase team effectiveness








Professor Phelyx has enjoyed his career as a master magician and mentalist. His dedicated studies began in 1979. He has cracked the code for what it takes to perform at the highest level and to deliver the most effective work.

In his Keynote, HE WILL BREAK THE CODE of magicians and explain how it is done in a way that the techniques and tactics of a successful magician can be applied to the interpersonal communications, sales, and marketing for YOUR organization.


This is no lecture. It is a savory and sweet, life-affecting experience.





There are psychological methods by which one can deliver on expectations that will increase the impact of exceeding them.

A simple understanding of this principle is all that is needed to effectively employ it immediately.

Exceeding expectations is easy enough to understand but this is the next level. 



Okay. What does it take to be a magician?



Magicians think differently than most. The process of creating magical effects generally begins with falling in love with an imagined "exclamation point" to an audience experience. This is the punctuation that creates the finalé/surprise/WOW that we are driven to create.


It is at that time that the design process begins. There is a very clear goal. It must be clear. The goal is effectively designed to deliver a cerebral and physiological response to witnessing the impossible.

For a magician, this often begins with, "What would it look like if I could actually..."


This system can apply to your team's functionality!


Essentially, we back-engineer an imagined accomplishment for which there is no precedent.

Then, we apply our education and resources to effectively






These include education, tools, props, supplies, and humans with whom we might consult or collaborate.


We discover resources we might need. 

What am I missing in my "bag of tricks" to get this done?


Work begins even BEFORE the whole formula is calculated.


"How much of this can I get done immediately

(even if the effort is out of sequence)?"


It is an obsessive labor that is performed with enthusiastic heart.


The final effect is designed to profoundly affect our audiences.


We get to do this! We truly love what we do.





If you possess even fleeting non-belief in what you are selling, why in the world are you working to sell it? The true effectiveness of the strongest pieces of magic is directly related to one very important element (and you may find this very strange to learn).




If a professional magician fails to believe in their work, as they are performing it, he or she will have lost his or her audience before the trick concludes. 

If someone on your team does not truly believe in what your organization is selling, they will lose buyers BEFORE it is time to close the deal. 



"You can fool the eyes and minds of the audience,

but you cannot fool their hearts."

Howard Thurston


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"Phelyx, your message truly hit me as I was driving home from the event.

We can't stop talking about it!"

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