"PHELYX is one of the GREAT magical characters of our era. His humor and charm are timeless!" 
Jeff McBride

One of the TOP 10 magicians in the World




Delivering on engaging audiences for 40+ years, Professor Phelyx is taking his decades of experience in engineering perceptions and breaking down the formula to be used in marketing and sales strategies. His keynote topics focus on the impact of authenticity and cultivating trust and openness in teams to achieve maximum results.


  • Think Like a Magician to Achieve Mind-blowing Results in Business

  • Building Authority and Credibility When You Have None

  • Transforming Leadership with Magic

Corporate Entertainment

Charged with finding suitable entertainment for the next company event? Treat your team with an unexpected presentation of charm, humor and mind-blowing feats of mind-reading and mental-metal-bending. Have you ever wondered what kind of person becomes a magician and why? How does one bend metal with his mind? All those questions are answered when Professor Phelyx provides his one-hour stage show to entertain and inspire guests. Results include raising the energy of the event, helping build camaraderie, make your employees feel valued and cultivate a positive company culture back in the office.*

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Private Shows

Imagine delighting guests attending your intimate dinner party with a surprise guest that will seemingly read their minds and challenge their perceptions.


Join the ranks of numerous celebrities, influencers and millionaires that have had the privilege of hosting Professor Phelyx to entertain their guests with intimate parlor shows for 10-30 folks. Want to know who books Phelyx for their dinner parties regularly? We’ll never tell...

Podcast Guest

Enjoy a fireside chat with Professor Phelyx on your podcast. His unbelievable stories won’t disappoint your audience and you may just learn a few of the secrets he has up his sleeve.
When did you last have a teatime discussion that left your jaw on the floor?


  • How to be like Snoop D-O-double-G and Willie.

  • How a denim jacket inspired a lifetime of disguises.

  • How one can sprint through a hospital and get anything one wants.

  • How to hold court with the mayor and the governor at the age of 21.

  • How to be partners with a Las Vegas Showgirl.

  • How Andy Warhol was a magician and only created ONE work of art. An intensive decade of deduction!

  • How to protect yourself from pickpockets and con-artists.

  • How to survive the stigma of the "starving artist".


* Professor Phelyx is not available to perform as a disruption to the guest's mingling experience (cocktail hour, dining, mixers). "Walk-around" or "strolling" engagements are thereby not offered. However, Professor Phelyx will absolutely provide meet-and-greet time and he delights in meeting new people which is time that is included in the rates for any engagement. Book him for a stage show. You won’t regret it.


Professor Phelyx is a corporate entertainer, keynote speaker and chamber magician. He passionately engages audiences with his charm, storytelling and quick-witted humor to deliver unforgettable experiences that leave the audience astounded and questioning perception.


Performing since 1981, Phelyx has been captivating audiences with his mind-blowing feats of mind-reading and mental-metal-bending. Phelyx has earned seven acclaimed performing artist residencies, including the Clocktower Cabaret, Denver, Colo., and his one-man show at the historic Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colo. As an entertainer and speaker, he has charmed and inspired hundreds of thousands of people during his forty year career, encouraging many to choose to be themselves and follow their dreams.


Perpetually young at heart, Phelyx enjoys a secret life of being a visual artist. His work designing, crafting and building works has won awards and collaborations with wineries, production companies and other artists. He enjoys creating and scheming with his partner, and two bonus kids at home with their pet snail, Gary. Oh! And he can tie his own bow-tie without a mirror.

John Wenzel

Journalist, The Denver Post

Despite the coiffed hair, waxed mustache and sharp suits, Professor Phelyx is a sincere man. No, really: a good show for him starts by connecting directly with the audience, whether it's corporate sales executives or boozy bar patrons.



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