In five minutes, you are to go out to the middle of this stage

(right from where this photo was captured).

We will turn down the house lights and there will be a spotlight on you.

The microphone will be on.

Out there, on the floor, in an attached showroom, and on the two mezzanines there are about 600 people. There are also live painters and someone is running around in a dinosaur costume somewhere near a giant fire-breathing robot sculpture, but I need you to collect the attention of all attendees so you can deliver the message of our event and keep them captivated for a solid 20 minutes.


Are you ready?


If you are an educator, a performer, a speaker, in sales...

I can help you!



This, in fact, was one of my audiences.

(and yes, there was a dinosaur and fire-breathing robot there to distract; as if this experience was the "Thunderdome Level" in some kind of video game about the worst case scenario for a public speaker!)


I used my experience to capture attention and slay this crowd (and countless others) and I truly want to help you swiftly develop everything about yourself so your answer is a confident YES, I am ready! 

When an event manager hands you a wireless microphone and asks "Are you ready?", you should have an enthusiastic "ABSOLUTELY!" ready to roll right off of your tongue.



When I started in showbiz, there weren't resources for a mentor or coach to help me perform this kind of work. Sure, I studied with theaters, improv groups, Toastmasters. I read countless books on the subject, on and on. However, there were a lot of missing elements in the academic aspect of my education.


In theater, the instructors largely seemed to have never spent time simply speaking directly to an audience; as in NEVER. For them, the fourth wall was made of concrete and as tall as POTUS 45 could dream.

Improv classes are certainly there to develop quick wit, but the interactions are with the other performers and I intended to be on stage all by myself.


Books are wonderful, but you cannot ask them questions, of course. They also fail to deliver an experience beyond what the written word can do to inspire your imagination.


As a magician, I was held to the vow of keeping secrets. Amongst other magicians, who are fiercely competitive, the HOW is ferociously protected out of desires to minimize competition. This is not limited to tricks. All aspects of performing as a magician are well-kept secrets. These are secrets kept especially from each other. It has been fascinating and frustrating, to be sure.


I will be very frank here and tell you that after nearly forty years of being an entertainer, I really do want to pass on the education I have earned the "hard way". My lifelong introspection has always leaned in the direction of being a resource for information that was not available to me. I really always wanted to become a resource for you. I truly want to give you the education I have earned from my well over 10,000 combinative hours on stages, in front of live audiences.


After all, I am known as "The Professor".



Your dreams are important to you. I know because you wouldn't be reading this otherwise. Let me perform a FREE assessment and analysis of your short and long-term goals and we can set to work on cracking open your full potential as an entertainer or public speaker.


You want confidence.

You want poise.

You want to feel the satisfying, euphoric adrenaline-rush from applause.


I GUARANTEE that I can help you.





Simply click the email icon for the FREE Assessment Questionnaire and buckle up!



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