Professor Phelyx, From The Vest
"PHELYX is one of the GREAT magical characters of our era. His humor and
charm are timeless!"  Jeff McBride

“I never knew magic could be so funny and cannot wait for another opportunity to
see this show!”
From The Vest first private presentation opened in 2015 to an audience who
purchased every available ticket nearly two weeks before the show. Declared
SOLD-OUT, the demand for more shows has been clearly heard!

The first 2016 From the Vest opened in Las Vegas, NV
April 19th, Santa Fe, NM at
April 23rd, Austin, TX at Spider House, Chapel
This show is designed to tour and
additional dates and locations will be
announced soon!
All performances will be Parlour
Shows and tickets will be limited to
smaller audience capacity.

Contact with
questions and inquiries about private
Professor Phelyx, From the Vest is a 90
minute experience that possesses all of the
intimate charms of a Victorian-era parlour
show. The seating is limited to just 25 to 30
people, offering every attendee the
opportunity to witness incredible feats
up-close! During this highly interactive show,
participants will experience unique feats of
mental magic. Just imagine mind-reading,
psycho-kinetic metal bending, predictions and
even what can only be explained as superbly
undetectable sleight-of-hand that is all
presented within inches of the audience. Truly
unforgettable and baffling demonstrations
await every guest!
Enhancing the intimacy of this laugh-a-minute show, Professor Phelyx not only demonstrates the best of his
35 year career, he also recounts outrageous and bizarre stories that have guided the direction of his
character and career; including the absolute truth about how he started and continues to perfect his odd,
seemingly supernatural skills. The audience leaves feeling a balance of both a healthy dose of skepticism
and the euphoric sensation that anything is possible.

"Professor Phelyx's message truly struck me as I was driving home and now I can't get it out of my head!
We can't stop talking about it. Wonderful!"

"Finally a live show that isn't just a bunch of sugar! From The Vest is savory, charming and funny